Teen Workshops

We are excited to announce the Teen Workshops for Convention 2017!

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Schedule for the 37th Annual UHEA Homeschool Convention and Curriculum Fair.


8:00   Registration Opens

8:00am-7:00pm   Curriculum Fair Open to the Public

9:00-10:20           Welcome and Keynote

10:30-11:20         Workshop #1

11:30-12:20         Workshop #2

12:20-2:00           Lunch Break

2:00-2:50             Workshop #3

3:00-3:50             Workshop #4

4:00-4:50             Workshop #5

5:00-5:50             Workshop #6

5:50-7:30             Dinner Break         (7:00-10:00 Youth Dance, Ages 12+)

7:30-9:00             Evening Keynote


8:00   Registration Opens

8:00am-6:00pm   Curriculum Fair Open to the Public

9:00-10:20           Welcome and Keynote

10:30-11:20         Workshop #1

11:30-12:20         Workshop #2

12:20-2:00           Lunch Break

2:00-2:50             Workshop #3

3:00-3:50             Workshop #4

4:00-4:50             Workshop #5

7:00-9:00             UHEA Graduate Recognition Night (at Clearfield Community Church)





Adam’s educational journey really began when he was 13 years old. He had an experience that caused him to realize that it was up to him to get an education—no one else was going to do it for him.

After college Adam started two small businesses. He had big plans and it was a great learning experience, but something was missing. He longed for the opportunity to once again help people obtain a greater education. Then, a few years ago, he sold his businesses and joined the team at Williamsburg Learning. Together their team of homeschoolers has built a world-class program that is disrupting the system and helping students live meaningful lives as principled leaders.



sara birdSarah is a multi-talented 17 year old. She is the 6th of 9 children and has been homeschooled since preschool. She can usually be found snowboarding or creating things out of duct tape.

Duct Tape Art (Fri/Sat)

Duct Tape has many uses: anything from quick fixes to wallets, flowers, bags, shoes and much, much more!  Come see how easy and simple it can be to create your very own Duct Tape creation.






Charlene Adams is a certified Advanced Voice Instructor through The Institute for Vocal Advancement and teaches private voice lessons at Pitched Perfectly Studios in Layton, UT.  She has spent over 30 years performing and producing community theatre projects as actor, singer, director, music director, and board member. She has taught music and theatre at the elementary and secondary level in the public schools. 

 You Can’t Have Smarts Without Arts (Fri/Sat)

Acting and singing skills produce smart, capable leaders. But I don’t sing or act, what good are the arts to me? Acting and singing exercises increase leadership skills and build confidence. Vocal exercises improve your speaking abilities.  Acting and singing games teach critical thinking skills that enhance learning. Join us as we play our way to more confidence in our speaking, leading, and learning.




Taught by a home schooled mechanical engineer who wants you to learn the powerful advantage you will have over your peers by learning technical skills today. Technical skills and careers are valued more than ever and are the least likely to be replaced by robots in the next few years. Besides, someone has to build those robots.

Cool Gadgets for Cool Education (Fri/Sat)

Watch an inexpensive 3D printer make a fidget spinner in real time. We will discuss some of the amazing gadgets available for your modern tech education such as 3D printers and Arduino. Learn how easy it is to make cool machines, art, and more.


TRICIA LESLIE, Silhouette Ballroom

From the beginning, Silhouette Ballroom Studios was created to  be more than just a dance studio. Founder Tricia Leslie’s mission for Silhouette is to build character, modesty, virtue, kindness, confidence, respect, teamwork and leadership in the souls of today’s youth.  These attributes are what make true champions in life.  The programs taught at Silhouette provide opportunities for youth to nurture these attributes in their lives in order to hone the skills that will help them succeed in their personal missions.

Ballroom Dancing  (Fri/Sat)

Come learn how to Ballroom Dance!  Learn some fun steps in both the Two Step and the Cha Cha!




Lizzie Jones works with Utah Netsmartz, a program sponsored by the Attorney General of Utah. Netsmartz presents at about 80% of Utah schools and teaches students K-12 about the importance of internet safety.

Online Learning (Fri)

This class will focus on helping teenagers understand how to make good decisions online, and understand some of the risks and difficulties associated with online learning. Lizzie will use videos, stories, and research to show teenagers that they are empowered to have a positive online presence.




Gavin Rich, the owner of Shield-Safety UT LLC has 20 years experience in first aid and safety.  One of the original creators of Shield-Safety,  he helped create the newest first aid kit designs including one that is sold by Costco and the newest technology for sprains and strains. He also helped create the most advanced first aid training called Injury Treatment Training and has trained doctors, nurses, EMT’s and safety directors in Utah and across the country.  He has helped businesses and families save thousands on medical costs through their training and education classes as a result of injuries on and off the job.  He has worked 15 years as a sales representative, safety trainer, and sales manager at Zee Medical.  He is OSHA 501 certified and has worked with BYU, University of Utah, the LDS Church, Dannon Company, Western Area Power and Costco.

Injury Treatment Training Course (Fri, Sat)

(for Teens and Adults) 

Learn the importance of being safe on and off the job and how E.R. and instant care visits can be eliminated through proper training and first aid products while providing a better medical outcome.

We will cover:

  • CDC – Clean, Disinfect, Cover and protect
  • Wound bandaging
  • Bleeding
  • Eye injuries
  • Chemical burns
  • Splinter removal
  • Insect stings and bites
  • Sprains and Strains
  • How to detect fractures through a fracture fork
  • Proper splinting
  • Burns
  • Dehydration
  • What is Cold Fire? How do I use it?

(Vendor Class)


4-H Youth Development, Salt Lake County Extension

Extension Associate Professor, Utah State University

The Game of Leadership (Fri)

Leadership made fun!  You can go listen to people talk about leadership, or you can experience it. In this hand-on workshop, we will be doing fun interactive games and activities that teach leadership skills and abilities.   From team work to communication, leadership requires critical skills.  Why not learn them while having fun!  This class is designed to teach youth how to lead the discussion and process games to get the most out of them.  Teens will receive a description of activities that they can take back to their groups and incorporate with other teen programs. This workshop will be presented by Vernon Parent (4-H/USU Extension), with over 20 years of non-formal youth development experience.

 The Power of Voice  (Fri)

Most people loves to be social and interact with their friends and or family.  So why is it, that when we are asked to take those skills and “formally” speak to others, we have nothing to say?  This fun and interactive workshop will focus on developing communication skills in youth. From simple presentations/demonstrations (use to teach others), to impromptu or prepare public speaking, we will cover the tips and trick that make public speaking much easier and even enjoyable.  Youth will be participating in fun activities and will leave with a handout that covers the information useful for them to share with others.   This workshop will be presented by Vernon Parent (4-H/USU Extension), with over 20 years of non-formal youth development experience.





Aerobatics Performing Arts: Circus Experience (Fri/Sat)

You don’t have to travel far to join the circus! Join us for a fun, interactive circus experience class where you will get to develop skills in a few different circus arts such as juggling, silks & acrobatics.



Infusion Yoga and Pilates (Fri/Sat)

It’s been a long day…a long week…a long year…isn’t it time to relax a bit? Yoga is just the thing! Learn how to relax, renew, and recharge while trying out some new moves.


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