Who is UHEA?

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The UHEA was officially organized in October 1981 as a nonprofit, tax exempt entity.

Basic Goals of the UHEA

  1. To encourage maintenance and improvement of our rights to educate our own children through support of good legislation, court decisions and policies established by public school administrators, and to oppose any limitation to these same rights.
  2. To establish and maintain a diplomatic relationship with state and local school administration.
  3. To strive to educate the public in general to the viability of home education.
  4. To help families find educational resources that best meet their children's needs.
  5. To encourage educational and social activities to help maintain family morale. However, UHEA is intended as a resource, not a provider of goods or services.


The UHEA is comprised of a board of directors, various officers and staff, and those who choose to associate themselves with the UHEA.


Part of the success of the UHEA can be directly attributed to the many individuals who act as volunteer leaders throughout the state.


The UHEA also has a newsletter, Right At Home, which is an effective tool for the unification and education of all home school families regarding vital topics in home education. There are often news items in the newsletter that help families stay abreast of legislative and civic activities that could directly influence the operation of a successful home school.

Areas & Districts

The UHEA is organized into areas which are subdivided into districts. The districts roughly correspond to the public school districts in rural areas. In the larger, metropolitan areas, there are several districts within each public school district.Contact the district and area leaders for your location to learn more about activities, networking, and services provided by your district. If there is no district leader in your area or you are interested in becoming one, please contact your area leader to make your request. Training and information is available to help you get started.

Annual Convention & Symposiums

For 33 years, UHEA has held an annual convention & curriculum fair. The convention & curriculum fair is typically held the first Saturday in June and runs the full day. It includes a key note speaker, panels, workshops, a graduation ceremony, and many home education related vendor booths and exhibits. The UHEA also sponsors yearly symposiums.

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