Board and Staff

Who is UHEA?

The UHEA was officially organized in October 1981 as a nonprofit, tax exempt entity.


Basic Goals of the UHEA

  1. To encourage maintenance and improvement of our rights to educate our own children through support of good legislation, court decisions and policies established by public school administrators, and to oppose any limitation to these same rights.
  2. To establish and maintain a diplomatic relationship with state and local school administration.
  3. To strive to educate the public in general to the viability of home education.
  4. To help families find educational resources that best meet their children’s needs.
  5. To encourage educational and social activities to help maintain family morale. However, UHEA is intended as a resource, not a provider of goods or services.



The UHEA is comprised of a board of directors, various officers and staff, and members who choose to associate themselves with the UHEA.


PresidentChairman of the Board
Erik HansonNina Wolf
(312) 543-5536(512) 775-3738
Legislative Liaison
Quincy AndelinTonette Harris
(385) 448-0402(801) 523-2658
Board of Directors
Karianne LisonbeeEmma Haskell
(801) 589-2934(801) 471-9055
Marilee Boekweg
(801) 615-4077

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