What if my parents/in-laws/neighbors/church leaders are antagonistic?

Negative attitudes toward homeschooling are usually due to lack of information. One family silenced criticism by pulling a book off the shelf of the home they were visiting and handing it to their six-year-old, who read it aloud fluently. The thing to remember is that your example will be more convincing than any statistics you can quote. Unfortunately it may take years for your family or neighbors to acknowledge your success, but most grandparents and friends are won over to homeschooling simply because it proves itself by producing confident, capable children.

You may also want to consider involving homeschool skeptics in your curriculum. Most people have a talent or skill they could share with your children. Or you might invite them to your home for a family dinner or activity. Nothing will make your point better than letting people see for themselves how well home- schooling works. At the same time, remember to be honest about your own concerns as well as considerate in answering their questions. Most outsiders are not The Enemy; in fact, they're probably concerned about the same thing you are: the effective education of our children.

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