What curriculum should I use?

This depends on what you want your child to learn, how much or how little structure works for you, what you feel is the best way to learn, and your child's personality. How much time should be spent at a desk? Developing artistic, musical, or physical talents? Going on field trips or apprenticing? Watching the grass grow? Some parents prefer a structured approach and follow a daily schedule, others choose unschooling, and many pick and choose from many approaches, using whatever works for each child, sometimes including part-time public school enrollment.

If your children have been in a classroom setting, they may need time to unwind and unlearn how they used to 'learn.' They may expect you to tell them what to do every minute. Home school will therefore be an adjustment both for you and for your children. Talk to them about it, and read them some passages from books about how other homeschoolers learn.

To help children who have been constantly entertained and told how to do everything, you may want to have them draw up a list of 'things to do' for themselves. Let them refer to this list when they're bored -and they will sometimes be bored! Do not panic. They don't need to be entertained by you. In fact, it's harmful to their development to be constantly spoon-fed and entertained. In order to discover their talents and interests, they must search within themselves, and they can't do this if they are being constantly bombarded with outside stimuli.

Avoid the temptation to plug in an electronic game or video to entertain them. There are times when watching videos and working on the computer are educational, but don't use either the TV or the computer to eliminate boredom. You may want to type up a schedule for your children to follow. Then change the schedule every few months or weeks to allow for more and more flexibility, to wean your children gradually from depending so much on you.

Read the articles about various approaches to learning, talk to your homeschooling friends to discover what works for them, check out possible resources in your own community, and then make your own decisions according to your children's needs. 

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