General Opportunities

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As a volunteer organization, UHEA needs you to help support Utah homeschoolers. Whether it's working on a newsletter, helping with the website, or monitoring legislation, we'll find a place for you to help.

Newsletter compiler. Collects newsletter items, compiles into a single issue of the newsletter. Sends the results to a person who can create and mail the actual email newsletter.

Calendar overseer. Collects calendar items from districts, UHEA, and other sources. Maintains the web site calendar. Moderates calendar items submitted by the homeschool community.

Webmaster. Responsible for managing content and user requests on the website.

Social media coordinator. Monitors the yahoo groups, Facebook page, and other social tools for items that might require UHEA attention. Engages in appropriate discussion. Forwards items, as needed, to UHEA board for consideration.

Volunteer coordinator. Maintains list of UHEA volunteer needs. Coordinates the communication of needs to the homeschooling community. Helps volunteers find appropriate tasks to perform. Helps volunteers have a good experience.

Fundraising coordinator. Finds sponsors for website, convention, and other UHEA activities and functions.

Legislative Liaison and Assistant Legislative Liaison.  Attends legislative sessions.  Stays updated on any legislation involving homeschoolers and reports to the UHEA board.  The Legislative Liaison is a 2 year position.

District and Area Leaders.  Be an information contact person for a specific area in the state.  Organize homeschool information nights with help from UHEA board members.  Help at the annual UHEA convention and other events.

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