Utah's Homeschooling Laws

Below you will find the sections of Utah's code that are directly related to homeschooling your child.


Current Legislation That Affects Home Educators

2014 Legislation

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SB39 Bill Link


Below is background information on Senate Bill 39.

This proposed legislation removes curriculum and time requirements for home school students. Current Utah law states that, “Each minor who attends a home school shall receive instruction: (i) in the subjects the State Board of Education requires to be taught in public schools in accordance with the law; and (ii) for the same length of time as minors are required by law to receive instruction in public schools, as provided by rules of the State Board of Education.”

The proposed language in SB39 replaces the above languagewith, “the parent assumes sole responsibility for the education of the school-age minor”. (Lines 75 – 77)

Another positive change for home school families in this proposed bill is the removal of the requirement to file an affidavit (notice of intent to home school) with the local district every year. If passed, this legislation provides for a yearly certificate of exemption from the district without the need to re-file, unless you move to a different district or your student attends public school for a time and wants to home school again. (Lines 78 – 82)

Lastly, this proposed bill enables home school students to transition smoothly to public school, should they desire to attend full-time. (Lines 122 – 143)

This bill exempts dual-enrolled students from the requirements for placement as prescribed by this proposed legislation. (Lines 144 - 145)

Here is the pdf HSLDA Homeschool Progress Report 2009: Academic Achievement and Demographics

Below is a graphic that shows the results of a national study that compared home school student achievement in individual sates with three categories of state regulation:  low, moderate, and high.  Academic achievement is virtually the same across all regulation levels.

 HS Stats Regulation




Section 53A-11-102.6 describes Utah law related to your child's participation in extracurricular activities in the public school system.


Section 53A-11-102.5 describes Utah law related to dual enrollement, which is allows for homeschooling your child and at the same time participating in classes in your school distrcit.


Section 53A-11-102 describes Utah law related to the need to be exempted from Utah's compulsory education laws in order to homeschool your children.