Utah Law: Extracurricular Activities

26 November 2011

Section 53A-11-102.6 describes Utah law related to your child's participation in extracurricular activities in the public school system.

Utah Law: Dual Enrollment

26 November 2011

Section 53A-11-102.5 describes Utah law related to dual enrollement, which is allows for homeschooling your child and at the same time participating in classes in your school distrcit.

Utah Law: Exemption

26 November 2011

Section 53A-11-102 describes Utah law related to the need to be exempted from Utah's compulsory education laws in order to homeschool your children.

Do I need to wait until after the end of the school year to begin homeschooling my child?

25 November 2011
Published in Affidavits

You can begin homeschooling your child anytime during the year. You just need to submit an affidavit to your school district. They must accept your affidavit and provide you a certificate of exemption, no matter what time of year it is.

Homeschooling Affidavits

24 November 2011
Published in Legal

Utah Code Title 53A Chapter 11 Section 2

To educate your child at home, you must submit a signed affidavit to your school district. Although the law doesn't dictate the time of year, this is usually done during the summer months.  By submitting the affidavit, you are informing the school district that your child will attend a home school and that you assume sole responsibility for your child's education.


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