Adult Workshops

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Adult Workshops

(This list is still a work in progress and there may be some minor changes or additions.)

Learning: a Breathe-Taking Adventure - Diana Waring
Does that ring true for you?  Is learning a breath-taking adventure in your home school, or more of a weary forced-march, plodding through endless subjects?  One of the most difficult aspects of homeschooling is breaking away from the model of education that we grew up with.  A desk, a flag and an apple symbolize the "look" of school, while "lecture, drill and test" describe the method of school, the method that left us passive and bored.  It's time to enter a whole new world of education; to find a captivating -- breath-taking -- way to learn.  Join Diana for this refreshing, reviving and reinvigorating workshop where you will discover the best brain practices in learning, the environment that encourages learning, and the many non-traditional ways students can practice what they are learning.  Take a new look at practical, proven, and possible ways to make your home school journey a wondrous adventure.

The Key to Education is Relationship - Diana Waring
Experts in learning tell us that one of the BEST predictors of educational success is having a positive relationship between student and teacher.  Translated for homeschooling parents:  if we build healthy, happy relationships with our children, they will be able to thrive educationally.  It goes far beyond desks and multiplication tables, however.  For us, it encompasses every aspect of life--since our students are learning with us 24/7!  Often we teach, react and parent out of fear which produces feelings of failure and guilt.  These negative feelings can impact and even damage those relationships, which in turn affects our children's learning.  Discover how to grow these significant relationships as well as say "Goodbye" to those feelings of fear, guilt and failure.  This workshop will give you tools for building and improving these critical connections with our kids.

Not Just Your Average Genius - Diana Waring
In this fast-paced, easy-to-understand workshop, you will distinguish three different grids that impact the unique way each one in your family learns:  learning modalities (visual, auditory, kinesthetic); learning styles (Feeler, Thinker, Sensor, Intuitor); learning intelligences (interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, spatial, math-logical, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, naturalist).  Learn how to honor (not go crazy because of!) that wiggler in your midst: how to create a rich atmosphere for learning that will attract every learner; how to utilize your children's strengths to learn subjects that are hard for them.  With this new insight, including new research on intelligences, you will be able to adapt your teaching strategies AND choose your curriculum wisely.

History Via the Scenic Route - Diana Waring
Are you tired of force-feeding history to your children?  Does history make them yawn? or, do you have one of those hungry-for-history type students who would devour far more than you could ever dream up to provide?  Diana Waring will take you on an extraordinary learning adventure as she shares how to make the facts come alive and the learning go deeper!  Join Diana for her "sit-on-the-edge-of-your-chair-in-suspense" history approach - using literature, music, art, science, cooking, and more.

Expectation Trap VS The Success Cycle -Nicholeen Peck
When does frustration hit you?  Why does it come?  Do you ever get angry and regret it later?  Why do people get angry when they really don't want to turn into monsters or emotional wrecks?  It's because of the expectation trap.  Most people fall into the expectation trap on a regular basis.  There is a way out, and expectations aren't bad.  Find out how to turn expectations into success instead of emotional traps.  This is the secret to you loving your homeschool experience and accomplishing more each day.  

Teaching Self-Government For Homeschool Success- Nicholeen Peck
If we are constantly battling our children at home, how can we create an environment to build leaders?  The most inspiring of all lessons taught in the home is that of a good parent/child relationship. There are no tricks to achieving children that govern themselves, while happily and willingly obeying the counsel of their parents.  A working family government and atmosphere of acceptance and love turns the heart of a child to his/her parents.  Don’t just parent your children; teach them the skills they need to govern themselves.  This one skill makes or breaks the homeschool environment.  

You want me teach them to be critical?  Really? - Becca Evensen
Teaching your children to read, write, and do math are all important goals for any homeschooler, but teaching them to THINK is paramount.  Reading great literature can be life-changing if you can analyze, and examine what you have read.  Knowing how to probe, dissect, and study things to identify what is actually being communicated is vital to survive in today’s world.  Come see how fun and empowering learning to think critically can be! 

Real life and homeschool can work together - Becca Evensen and Elizabeth Lauber
What does an academic day look like?  How do you fit it all in?  What about holidays, family emergencies, new babies, teenage drama and keeping up the house?  Is there time to be a wife and mother if I am also a teacher?  Homeschooling required that home life looks different than the norm, but it is doable, and can be such a joy!  Come see how our family survived chronic illness, surgeries, deployments, babies, unemployment and real life.  You can do this!

Teaching teens -Becca Evensen , Elizabeth Lauber, and Cynthia Throop
Instead of dreading the teenage years, find out how wonderful they can be.  Having taught her own and others’ teens, Becca shares the joys, frustrations, and techniques to make junior high and high school a great time to have your young people at home!  Come and learn from her and her daughters as they share what they experienced and why they would do the same thing again.

 First steps- Donna Goff   (Religious Christian references.)
* Begin with the End in Mind and Map the Journey.
* Lay the foundation and create a nourishing atmosphere in the home during the pre-school years and beyond.  Develope character, work ethic, kindle a love of learning, and prepare for future academics.  The discipline of habit is the structure to build on.
* Homeschool on a shoe string!
* Momculture:  a key to a vibrant home school!
* Simple strategies for families, big and small, tips on teaching several children of different ages in home school.
* Tracking Progress.

How to Have a Clean Homeschool - Donna Goff
Do you struggle to keep a clean home? Are you tired of the "Chore Wars?" Does your home drive you to distraction? Do you feel guilty when teaching your children because the home is not running smoothly? Do you periodically stop everything to ditch the guilt by cleaning home, only to feel guilty because you are not spending time enriching your children's minds? Do you want a simple system to train children of different ages, manage daily clutter, and deep clean while being sane? This is a modern dilemma and you are not alone!  This is possible with some simple strategies.

 Power of an Hour - Donna Goff  (VENDOR)
The Power of an Hour (POAH) is as simple as an hour a day. This is a way to help children gain a breadth and depth of knowledge. POAH is a way to reduce mom's prep time and increase the learning of the child. It is amazing what can be done in as little as an hour a day!

Teaching Patterns of Liberty to your Children – Tenna Hartman
Liberty is one of our most valuable gifts.  You will find yourself immersed in history as she weaves the treasured patterns and principles of liberty into each engaging story. Tenna provides patterns and practices that can be implemented into your home schooling.. You will learn how to captivate and bring history to life for your children.  Learn the character traits and patterns of people throughout history and how these patterns can empower you and children to preserve Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. You will be amazed at how simple the patterns really are and how they are protected in our founding documents, The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.


Homeschooling High School - Molly Christensen


Yikes!  How am I supposed to homeschool my teen when I've forgotten it all? Good news!  It doesn't matter if you have, because you don't need to teach them everything.  Learn how to prepare your transitional age children ages 11-13 to be ready for serious study and then learn what your teens need to know and how to successfully help your teen through high school by being their counselor, mentor and advocate.  I will share with you what I've learned from launching two successful teens from home. Homeschool during high school can be an amazing experience and allow for great opportunities for your teen!  

Creating Your Homeschool Vision- Molly Christensen

You felt like you should homeschool, so you did.  But you don't really know where you're going.  Or you've been homeschooling for a while and you're overwhelmed or you just feel like something is missing.  It could be because you don't have a vision for your homeschool.  Join us for this class where you'll learn to create a master plan for what you want to have happen in your home. Not only will you feel rejuvenated and excited for homeschooling, you will be amazed at how much lighter you feel when you know where you're going and you realize that you don't have to do everything all the time.    

 Science & Religion: Reconciling the conflicts- David Barker

Multi-sensory early literacy – Melanie Hermann  

Missionary Prep ideas for the Home – Melanie Hermann  (LDS )  

Taking Control of Your Child's education: Key elements to a successful homeschool - Kimberlie Kehrer

 Ideas will be offered to inspire and encourage those who desire to establish successful homeschool patterns and to help to overcome the negative stigma of the "homeschool family". 

The World is My Classroom- using field trips to promote writing. - Kimberlie Kehrer

Who says that learning can only take place behind a desk? Come learn of adventures available in Utah and how you can use those adventures to encourage learning. Someone once called me the queen of field trips. I don't know about that but I am willing to spill my brain so you can find joy in the journey of homeschooling.

Homeschooling: What's A Dad To Do?- Kimberlie Kehrer

Dad's make a difference in kid's lives.  Bonus ideas that rock your kids' world. You don't just bring home the bacon,  you are the maple syrup!  How to be an involved homeschooling  dad and make all the difference in the world.  

RightStart Mathematics/Adventures in Learning - Kathleen Lawler  (Regular and vendor workshops.)

Homeschool 101

Legal Panel

Common Core

Motivation and Responsibility - Cindy Gardner

The two most vital concepts required for success in life are motivation and responsibility.  The power of motivation comes from being responsible for our attitude and choices. We will discuss the concepts of motivation and how we can teach our children to take responsibility for becoming everything they were intended to be.

Why "Tyrannosaurus" And Not "If" - Cindy Gardner

Why can my child read big words like Tyrannosaurus but struggle on "if"?  This class will teach methods and techniques to teach the visual-spatial learner who struggles with reading, math, inattention and hyperactivity, also called Dyslexia or ADD/ADHD.  These children have lively imaginations and think in images, and feelings.  They know what a Tyrannosaurus looks like but what does "if" look or smell like?

 How to Get the Most Out of Everything You Read - Audrey Rindlinsbacher
















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