2015 Teen Workshops

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Teen Workshops

Workshops are subject to change.



Robert Erickson is a mechanical engineer, who has worked at large engineering firms and small startups for the past 8 years. He loves engineering and designing things.  



Engineering can impact every aspect of our lives. As we move into the future we need people who are excited about making life better. Come learn some cool engineering principles and see how you can be an engineer (or if you don't want to learn about engineering come fly some paper airplanes with us!).  



Becca Evenson, her husband, and their four children began their homeschooling journey in 1991.  A popular, veteran speaker and teacher, Becca has taught a variety of subjects including a college prep class in her home, cooking classes, and religious education classes in Utah, Arizona, and Virginia. She leads an education support group in the Salt Lake Valley, and is the developer of My Book of Centuries.   You can also check out her blog atwww.beccascottage.wordpress.com.  When she is not teaching or writing, you will find her reading, gardening, cooking (and eating), spending time with family, studying and exploring; attending conventions, and going thrifting with family and friends.



Learning to read, write, and do math are all important goals for any homeschooler, but learning to THINK is a vital life skill.  Reading great literature can be life-changing if you can analyze, and examine what you have read.  Knowing how to probe, dissect, and study things to identify what is actually being communicated is vital to survive in today’s world.  Come see how fun and empowering learning to think critically can be!



Brenda Kidd is the Mother of 3 boys, two who have graduated from our independent homeschool and one currently homeschooling. She has 2 grandsons, too!

Her love of art extends to working with older youth. She enjoys mentoring teens and preteens to improve their artistic skills through guided lessons.



This will be a guided lesson in creating a beautiful etching art project.


So...You {think you} can't draw?  In this class we will have a light, fun talk about why youth ages 10 or 12 and up think they can't draw. It also includes some instruction in how someone who (thinks they) can't draw can see that they really CAN draw.  We will do some drawing practice throughout the class.  Parents are also welcome! I have had a few moms, who have insisted that they can't draw, take classes with their kids and learn that, "YES! I can draw!"



Sarah Bird is a multi-talented 15 year old. She is the 6th of 9 children and has been homeschooled since preschool. She can usually be found snowboarding or creating things out of duct tape.



Duct Tape. We will not only be learning what YOU can create with it; but, we're also going to put that knowledge to the test to make a Duct Tape art piece to take home.



Karianne Lisonbee loves homeschooling her six wonderful children. She began homeschooling 18 years ago. She is the legislative liaison for the Utah Home Education Association. She serves on the city council in her community and sits on the executive committee for the Davis County Republican Party. In her spare time, she enjoys martial arts, cooking, and doing genealogical research for herself and others.


WORLDVIEWS IN MEDIA (Christian references)

We are constantly surrounded by messages that challenge our fundamental beliefs. Sometimes we don't even realize that the song we are listening to or the movie we are watching is presenting a philosophy, epistemology, and metaphysical view that contradicts our beliefs. This class explores these contradictions and provides a foundation to empower youth to address these divergent views and beliefs.



Hadyn B. Call and Jason M. Vilos are experienced educators who have been teaching history in Davis School District for nearly a decade. Both specialize in U.S. history, and are particularly interested in the Western Fur Trade. As members of the prestigious group, the American Mountain Men (AMM), both presenters have vast experience in not only the history of the fur trade, but also of the material culture.


THE POWER OF LIVING HISTORY: TEACHING THE FUR TRADE EXPERIENTIALLY  -  The National Park Service defines living history as “a general term encompassing a variety of interpretive techniques in which the interpreter uses period reproduction clothing and objects to interpret and present impressions of the people, events, and practices of the past.” This presentation will use a living history approach to give students an opportunity to learn experientially (hands-on) about mountain men and the fur trade through its unique and intriguing material culture. Students will be able to handle period correct clothing, trade goods, and accoutrements, while learning about the significance of the fur trade in United States history.



Tresta Neil was raised under the New Mexican sunsets and loves Mexican and Navajo food.  She learned about the miracle of the body in nursing school at Weber State and about putting Christ first on her mission to the Netherlands.  She learned about spiritual power (Christ's and ourselves) from the hundreds of religion classes.  After living in four different states she calls Utah her home.  She is learning patience while homeschooling her eight children.  She remains hungry for knowledge about symbols, rituals and patterns within the scriptures and the ancient Hebrew and Persian cultures.  She is the author of “God Saw That It Was Good”, “The Theology Tree” and co-directs the LDS Homeschool Conference with her husband, Thom.  Her passion is teaching and writing.  If she had to choose only one subject to study she would study the stars.  If you ask her about her most embarrassing moment she will tell you a story about sitting on a cactus:)



When his friends asked Pythagoras why he didn’t stay in Atlantis for as long as he had planned, his answer was, “Because they were scalene.”  What did he mean by that?  Why did the Greeks use geometry in their everyday language?  In this presentation you will learn  what it means to be scalene, how the Greeks used the triangle to heal the sick and how to draw a perfect equilateral triangle without measuring. How many fairy tales can you name with “three" in the title?  Why are there so many?  You will learn the reason why and how it is significant to YOU today.  Pathegreous’ words describe an unequal triangle and an unbalanced community.  One who put on different masks depending on where they were and with whom they were with.  The Greeks strived to be the same kind of person in all settings, do YOU?  Watch Donald Duck in Mathemagic Land in preparation for this class.



Laura G. Rollins grew up in a far off land fighting dragons, stealing talismans, and traveling with dwarfs and elves. She is especially skilled at bribing giants with sweets. Currently, her husband and four kids live in Utah so that is where she spends most of her time. To learn more about L. G. Rollins, visit LGRollins.com. L. G. Rollins' first novel, Shadows of Angels, comes out this December and is the beginning of the Zaad Stone trilogy.


This class will cover the 5 phases to writing a novel: Pre-Writing, First Drafting, Revising, Editing, and Polishing. Participants will leave understanding how to leverage the different voices in their head to best approach their work during each phase so as to maximize their writing time and finish a novel.



From the beginning, Silhouette Ballrooms Studios was created to  be more than just a dance studio. Founder Tricia Leslie's mission for Silhouette is to build character, modesty, virtue, kindness, confidence, respect, teamwork and leadership in the souls of today's youth.  These attributes are what make true champions in life.  The programs taught at Silhouette provide opportunities for youth to nurture these attributes in their lives in order to hone the skills that will help them succeed in their personal missions.



Have you ever watched amazing Latin dancers and wished you knew how to do those moves? We will be learning how to do the Bachata, a versatile Latin dance with roots in the Dominican Republic that is now popular all over the world!



Some people like to Swing to the goldie oldies, some like to Salsa to spicy rhythms...but if you want to have some fun with classic disco beats you’ve got to learn the New York Hustle!



Greg Denning is a teacher and mentor for Williamsburg Academy.  As he discovered the secrets to success and happiness, he began to apply the principles to his life. Today he lives a 'ridiculously awesome' life -- married (and in love) with an amazing women, together they have six children, and so far they have traveled to 12 countries together. His personal mission is to inspire and mentor others (particularly youth) as he helps them to discover and reach their full potential.  Greg currently lives in Costa Rica with his family, where he spends his days reading, mentoring youth, going to the beach and jumping off bridges into tropical swimming holes.



Every generation before you has had a 'real' life -- time spent in real interactions, doing real things, with real people, creating real, tangible objects. Today's youth, the 'Facebook generation' or 'digital natives' -- your generation -- are the first to experience full access to a strange new world -- digital reality. From Facebook to texting to YouTube and virtual worlds, today's teens are experiencing something no one else has in the history of the world -- little or no separation between online and offline time.

This non-stop access to technology can have negative effects. From addictions, to discontent, to depression and social retardation. Learn how to get pumped, take charge of your life, use your time wisely, and get some real results. Get your real life back!



Every one wants to have friends. Everybody wants to be liked. It's a natural part of being human. Without social interaction we shrivel up and die (literally and figuratively). So how do you get people to like you? How do you develop the confidence to converse with anyone anywhere? How do you get more true friends? How do you become a socializing superstar? This class will cover what you need know to thrive with this critical life skill.



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