Teen Workshops

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Teen Workshops

Workshops are subject to change.


Teen  Keynote – Champions Find a Way! A World Champion’s Success Secrets – Brandon Ruiz
Four keys to becoming a champion in sport and life. Learn Brandon’s personal success formula that led him to the world championship. Brandon's tried and true principles have not only helped him but helped his athletes be successful. Brandon has led athletes to great levels of success including national and world titles in wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts.  A fun and high paced presentation, you will be informed and entertained as you get the inside scoop from a world champion! Brandon will also be available for autograph and photo opportunities immediately after the speech!

Today We Win – Building your Future Today – Brandon Ruiz

Money replenishes itself every pay period, but the one spendable resource that does not is time. Once its spent you can never get it back. Go through Brandon's step-by-step process of dream building and goal setting. This class will give you clarity on what you want for your future and how to implement steps in developing it. Learn key elements to planning and shaping your life. Get insights on;  Time Management, Prioritizing and Personal Motivation.

There Is More In You – The Power of Character – Brandon Ruiz

How Honesty, Integrity and Fair Play work together in bringing out your best self as a person and as a performer. Learn how achievement completely depends on the elements of Honesty, Integrity and Responsibility.

 Games and Good Times- Maci Shupe

Come have fun and get to know other homeschool youth.

Bachata – Cameron Harrison of Silhouette Ballroom

Learn this exciting dance with the guidance of an experienced dance instructor.

Foxtrot  - Cameron Harrison of Silhouette Ballroom 

Salsa - Cameron Harrison of Silhouette Ballroom

Being Valiant and Clean in 2014 – Benjamin Peterson (LDS)

Class Description - A discussion on how to grow up as a valiant teenager in an exciting, yet distracting time.  A crash course on developing and maintaining consistency in faith testimony and spiritual strength in an ever-changing world.


World Views in the Media – Karianne Lisonbee
We are constantly surrounded by messages that challenge our fundamental beliefs. Sometimes we don't even realize that the song we are listening to or the movie we are watching is presenting a philosophy, epistemology, and metaphysical view that contradicts our beliefs. This class explores these contradictions and provides a foundation to empower youth to address these divergent views and beliefs.


A Scientific Mind – McKenzie Kehrer Macdonald
Really an excuse to do some cool blow-your-mind experiments.  We will talk about what a scientist really is and how to be one though.  Basically, why is science so freakin’ awesome?










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