Utah Homeschool Laws

Learn about the Utah homeschool laws that affect how your children
can be homeschooled.

<a href="/exemption/"><h3 class="large">Exemption</h3><br /> <p>Section 53A-11-102 describes Utah law related to the need to be exempted from Utah's compulsory education laws<br /> in order to homeschool your children.</p><br /> <div class="np_button_white"><a href="/exemption/">Read More  ></a></div></a>
<a href="/dual-enrollment/"><h3 class="large">Dual Enrollment Section</h3><br /> <p>53A-11-102.5 describes Utah law related to dual enrollment, which is allows for homeschooling your child and at the same time participating in classes in your school district. </p><br /> <div class="np_button_white"><a href="/dual-enrollment/">Read More  ></a></div></a>
<a href="/extra-curricular/"><h3 class="large">Extra Curricular</h3><br /> <p>Section 53A-11-102.6 describes Utah law related to your child's participation in extracurricular activities in the public school system</p><br /> <div class="np_button_white"><a href="/extra-curricular/">Read More  ></a></div></a>

UHEA Official Statements

<a href="/filing-your-affidavit/"><h3 class="large">Filing Your Affidavit</h3><br /> <p>Learn the steps you need to take to file your homeschool affidavit.</p><br /> <div class="np_button_white"><a href="/filing-your-affidavit/">Read More  ></a></div></a>
<a href="/publicly-funded-schooling-options/"><h3 class="large">Publicly-Funded Schooling Options</h3><br /> <p>The Utah Home Education Association supports families who choose to educate their children in the home.</p><br /> <div class="np_button_white"><a href="/publicly-funded-schooling-options/">Read More  ></a></div></a>
<a href="/utah-tax-credit-policy/"><h3 class="large">State-Level Tax Credits</h3><br /> <p>The issue of tax credits for homeschoolers in Utah is a complex one. The Utah Home Education Association (hereafter UHEA) staunchly supports homeschool freedom.</p><br /> <div class="np_button_white"><a href="/utah-tax-credit-policy/">Read More  ></a></div></a>
<a href="/common-core/"><h3 class="large">Common Core</h3><br /> <p>We encourage homeschool families to request their legislators enact legislation exempting homeschoolers from data collection activities and compulsory high-stakes testing.</p><br /> <div class="np_button_white"><a href="/common-core/">Read More  ></a></div></a>

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