UHEA has real concerns about HB0241, a bill being sponsored in the Utah Legislature by Rep. Lawanna Shurtliff. This bill would expand the age for school attendance from the present 6-18 years of age to “a minor who is at least five years old before September 2 of the relevant school year or otherwise eligible to enroll in kindergarten, but younger than 18 years old”. In addition to this widening of the school age to include compulsory kindergarten the bill requires that a local school board provide a kindergarten syllabus to every homeschooling family of a kindergarten student or “otherwise identify the knowledge, skills, and competencies a student is recommended to attain before grade 1”.  We, at UHEA, believe this bill would represent a step backward for the home educating families of Utah. We presently enjoy a legal acknowledgment of the fundamental rights of Utah parents to direct the education of their children, including the choice of what curriculum to use. Please contact Rep. Shurtliff to help her understand why we cannot support any potential intrusion into the educational decisions of home educating families. We will keep you updated as we follow this bill and watch for any other potential threats to home education in Utah. Thank you for your diligence and support for UHEA and Utah home education!

Contact Rep. Shurtliff

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