2019 Writing Contests

Short Fiction Competition
Submissions accepted May 1st to June 30th


Writing Prompt:

Short fiction in any genre/category will be accepted. Genre, subject matter, and plot are up to the author!

Required Format:

Times New Roman typeface is recommended. Other typefaces are acceptable so long as they and are easy to understand and do not include unusual or hard-to-read characters.

12 pt. font size

Double-spaced text

Age Categories:

Category 1: up to age eight
For this category, the recommended story length is three to five pages (approximately 250 to 1,200 words).
Category 2: ages nine to twelve
For this category, the recommended story length is six to eight pages (approximately 1,450 to 1,930 words).
Category 3: ages thirteen to eighteen
For this category, the recommended story length is nine to  ten pages (approximately 2,170 to 2,420 words). 

Submissions (in any category) of more than twelve pages (approximately 2,900 words) cannot be accepted.


Please send your submission as an email attachment to uheawritingsubmissions@gmail.com.  Submissions will be accepted May 1st—June 30th, 2019.     

Grading Criteria:

A grading rubric will be used in judging. Feel free to take a look at our rubric and review our judging guidelines, so you know what to expect from the judging. 


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